As i am a medical student i will give you one example related to my field.

Every one today is aware of blood circulation that oxygenated blood flows from heart to peripheries through arteries and deoxygenated blood flows from peripery to heart through veins.

The credit for this research goes to Dr William Harvey of 17th century.

read this link

Now refer to Atharveda 10:2:11 Griffith mentions as

Who stored in him floods turned in all directions, moving diverse
and formed to flow in rivers,
Hasty, red, copper-hued, and purple, running all ways in
Purusha, upward and downward?

now this meaning in hindi explains us the circulatery system as

अथर्ववेद १०/२/११

मंत्र का अर्थ हैं

इस शरीर में किसने उन जलों को बनाकर रखा हैं (circulation) जो शरीर में सब और फैलते हैं और खूब फैलते हैं, जो सब और से बहकर (venous circulation) सिन्धु अर्थात ह्रदय (heart) में आते हैं और वहां से बहार जाते हैं (arterial circulation), जिनका वेग तीव्र (rapid)अर्थात तीखा हैं, जो चमकते लाल रंग (oxygenated) के हैं , जो लोहे से युक्त हैं और इसलिए लाल हैं, जो लाल नीले रंग (deoxygenated) के हैं , जो पुरुष के शरीर में ऊपर की और भी बहते हैं , नीचे की ओर भी बहते हैं तथा जो शरीर में दायें-बाएं भी बहते हैं.

this mantra clearly defines millions of years back about circulatery system , oxygenated-deoxygenated blood, arterial and venous circulation which is considered as modern science after discovery by william harvey.

in similar way their are many examples.
i will request readers to read book science in vedas by acharya baidyanath shastri ji for more details.

dr vivek arya

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  1. I m also a medical student
    n i knw Plastic surgery was first performed in Bharat with Vedic knowledge
    i need details where i can read these text in Vedas

    • dr madhur ji Susruta the father of Indian Surgical Sciences had mentioned about different surgical techniques in his texts. Even its documented that one of tipu soldier’s nose was chopped by Maratha soldiers in war. two indiginous plastic surgeons in presence of two british officers of madras presidency reformed his nose with help of tissue from face. this is first recorded evidence of plastic surgery in world. in later days indiginious doctors were not allowed to perform surgical techniques leading to decline of surgical knowledge of ancient india.

  2. Great work, need more like this.

  3. यदि इस प्रकार के तथ्य ग्रन्थो मे प्रतेक मंत्र के साथ प्रकासित हो तो यह ज़्यादा अच्छा होगा.

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