A Rajputra who built the Sikh Empire: Veer Bairagi Banda Bahadur

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  1. Harshdeep Singh

    Mr.Fan of agniveer. You have edited the History as per your will. There might have been some instances of rivalry between few sikhs but let me tell you that Banda Singh Bahadur (i.e. Mahav das) Was a Sikh and he Became sikh by taking Amrit from the hands 0f none other than Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He was a ture Sikh and a great person who was martyred, According to me he is one of the great soul due to whom today Sikhism and Hinduism are flourishing

    • Pankaj Singh Chauhan

      Harshdeep Singh… Guruji asked banda to do his duty as a true Rajput not as a sikh. Rajputs are the kshatriya caste of Hindus but Shikhs don’t beleive in any caste system. Mny times in battalefield referred himself as a Rajput not as a sikh while chasing ememies in the battlefield as in the case of Wazir Khan.

      Even shashtravidya teacher of Guru gobind singh and several other sikhs was a Rajput. His name was Bajjar Singh Rathore. Alam Singh Chauhan was the shastravidya teacher of Shahibjadas.

      Banda Singh was a Rajput and a Hindu bairagi and his real name was Laxman Dev Singh. Sikh Guru Gobind Singh went to him asking for help to save sikhs from Mughals and Guruji also reminded him the duty of a true Rajput. Laxman Dev accepted guru’s appeal. As requested by Guru Gobind Singh he guided the sikhs in the battlefield as commander-in-chief to fight against mughals and he built the Sikh empire.

      He performed the duty of a true ‘Hindu Kshatriya’.

      Many Rajputs had guided sikhs in battlefields.

      He was a true Hindu and a Rajput. No battale in this country was fought without Rajputs. I am also a Rajput and proud to be.

      • Why we r debating religion of he was hindu or sikh. The truth is that hindus doesn’t know sikh history so pls comment but first read all history of sikh how they became sikh from hindus. Alone banda bahadur was not hindu. Hindus became sikhs in large number reason was that mughals were killing hindus.there temples were demolished hinus women were raped. looting was going on. Hindus was in fear. Then they created sikh religion.In small line hindus were fearful in mughals time but when they became sikh they were fearless. They protected hindus from those days till today sikh soldiers are there in large numbers.

      • Pankaj bhai why u r seeing this historic day and banda bahadur with religious angle it’s shameful thought he became sikh with his own acceptance like other sikhs. LET ME TELL U BEFORE SIKH WERE HINDUS AND THEY BECAME SIKH WITH THERE OWN ACCEPTANCE.

      • Check your facts mate… you are too self obsessed and know nothing but bull-****.. credits can’t be taken without true leadership and vision.. Hinduism lack that in true sense… accept this first..

      • @pankaj Singh Chauhan
        Check your facts mate… you are too self obsessed and know nothing but bull-****.. credits can’t be taken without true leadership and vision.. Hinduism lack that in true sense… accept this first.. Sikhism was formed due to the lost vision and corruption of Hindu society.

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      • Jashandeep Singh

        Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj had called khalsa “a true Kshatriya or Rajput Qaum” in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib.
        Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur was a true Sikh, who doesn’t believe in caste system.

    • Bro he become Sikh by taking amrit but let me tell you he was rajput by birth you cant say that he was sikh his name was lakshman dev. He took birth in rajput dogra family in poonch. So plz mind it

      • Jashandeep Singh

        Lakshman Dev became Madho Das Bairagi and then started doing tirath yatra.But Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj turned him into a lion by showing him true path.
        He took amrit from Guru Maharaj and became Gurbaksh Singh(later he began to be known as Banda Bahadur,due to his bravery).

  2. @Pankaj singh chauhan, were you there to see who asked whom.

  3. a real super human .He could
    changed history of our India.

  4. Nice twist to history with lots of inspiration .

    But then who knows the truth what actually happened . The history we read was written by mughals and then by British and today by some misguided so called patriots.

    As for his religion he was born a Hindu but died a sikh .
    Koi kiss ko raa naa dhey hai
    Jo lai hai nij bal se ley hai
    And he did not slaughter innocent Muslims anywhere . Once a city was captured law and order was re established as soon as possible.

  5. Ranjit Singh

    You said Guru Gobind Singh ji’s mother committed suicide. Please look deeply into Sikh Religion, it is against Sikhism, every fibre to commit Suicide, if you do Waheguru and Guru both turn their backs to you. So please don’t spread untruths of RSS or whomever you belong to, you may be someone’s slave but a Sikh is a slave to no one but Akaal Purak.

  6. Amarjit singh anand

    Just one thing I must ask you is as a Hindu he did nothing great but as soon as he met Sahiba Kamal Sahib Guru Gobind Singh jee and became a Sikh he became a great warrior.

  7. vishnupada dash

    rajput and sikh both are lovable to us-the Indians. both are the sons of the necture..both inspired each other.guru govind singh is great.banda bairagi is also great because he did not disobey guru govind sigh ji.

    • Jashandeep Singh

      With due respect, I want to tell you that he had converted into Khalsa. His name was not Banda Bairagi. His name was Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur.

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