The Legend who created fear in British Minds – Sangolli Rayanna

There are many unsung legends in our independence struggle whom history texts does not of them was great Sangolli Rayanna.

Eead and get inspiration from such great legend.

Contributed By-Arya Kesari


There are many unsung legends in our history. Though their contribution was immense, we hardly know their names. Whenever there is a topic of ‘Freedom Movement’ or ‘Brave Warriors’, the names that come to our mind are ‘Mahatma Gandhi’, ‘Nehru’, ‘Rana Pratap’ and ‘Akbar’.etc. Its not our fault because we are taught so….our education system hails Gandhi and Nehru as lords, the sole freedom fighters whereas regards others as people who failed…! This is our Nation.

Leave…it is just a waste of time to discuss about a topic known already. In this post, I have written about a great unsung warrior who fought against Britishers to save his motherland and Dharma. He was none other than ‘Krantiveer Sangolli Rayanna‘. Much information about him is not mentioned in any textbooks or novels.etc.

He was an Army Chief of ‘Kittur, a princely state in today’s Karnataka. At that time Kittur was ruled by a strong, brave queen ‘Rani Chennamma’. After her husband’s death, on the request of Kittur civilians she became the queen of Kittur.  Though she was surrounded by Britishers, she never accepted their autonomy. British Army attacked her kingdom, she led the battle and forced the British to flee. As in other stories, second time the British with the help of some traitors attacked Kittur and imprisoned Rani Chennamma.  But Sangolli Rayanna never accepted the defeat and after a secret meeting with Rani Chennamma, he vowed to free his motherland and finish the english rule in India. He slowly gathered volunteers and rebuilt a small elite army. He started guerrilla warfare against the British. Sangolli Rayanna is known for his character and valour. He never harmed women, children or disabled Englishers. He left free english women and children with full respect. Sangolli Rayanna had abolished the tyrant caste system and would attack the people who practiced it. The high caste landlords  along with the British forced his father-in-law Laxman to cheat Rayanna. And one day as Rayanna kept his sword aside and was taking bath in a stream , the british army surrounded him. When Rayanna asked for his sword which was in Laxman’s hand, Laxman gave the sword to british soldiers. And hence Rayanna got arrested. ayanna was overpowered and captured. Thus, he was captured by treachery. Rayanna was executed by hanging to death from a Banyan tree about 4 kilometers from Nandagad in Belgaum district. At the time of hanging he said “My last wish is to be born again in the country to fight against the British and drive them away from our sacred soil”.

Before going to gallows Sangolli Rayanna called his people and said not to cry for his death, fight for the country, motherland is bigger than mother, don’t worry continue the struggle and the day will come, one mid night the British will run away to their country and our nation will be free..

Every Indian should remember Rayanna’s speech which became true, that India gets independence at mid night on August 15th 1947. The August 15th is the date when Sangolli Rayanna was born, another date not to forget is January 26th, our republic day…the day when Rayanna was hanged, when he martyred.

Our nation may get another Mahatma, but getting another person like Rayanna is impossible…!



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  1. sunderraj mariyappa kuruba

    we proud of our legend fathers fought for our independence

  2. i love rayanna

  3. Salutes to this great freedom fighter and military leader.

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