Our Beautiful Motherland!

Veer Savakar

Hind, Our Beautiful Motherland!

Brought to life all the Great Ones she did— …

The treasured Rigveda and Samaveda,

The knowledge and Poetry of the Upanishads The age-old Gayatri Mantra,

And Sandhatri, The Goddess of Unity!

A Mother to Bharadwaj, Janak, Vasishtha,

Shuka, Sanaka and Shri Garga, she is.

A Mother to the whole clan of illustrious Sages, she is.

Learned Vyasa and Valmiki of Ramayana fame

Their first baby words learned In the shelter of her bosom, they did.
Hailed “O, Mother, O Our Mother”

By Legendary Kings Nala, Raghu, Rama and Dharmaraj, she is!
From her womb came forth, Gargeyi, Vidula, Sita, Draupadi

And the Valiant Lakshmibai of Jhansi did.

She, who is revered by the Three Worlds,

The great Buddha, Chaitanya and

Guru Nanak Blessed by her milk she did!
Fearless Rana Pratap and Shivaji,

Banda Bairagi and Guru Gobindji—

Who gave birth to them, inspired them? -she did
A Mine of Scientific wisdom,

A Lotus of the fine Arts, She is.

Land of Pure Flowing Water,

And Fruit laden with sweet, syrupy juice, she is!
Such are the wonders born of her,

Born of her precious womb.

Why even for a second should our Mother Earth be a slave?
This Eclipse, but for a moment it shall last!

Eternal is the Sun, eternal are the galaxies—

Soon, very soon, liberated and accomplished

shall she be As the Mighty Benefactor of the world!



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I am a fan of Agniveer

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